When in Calgary: Food to Feed the Tummy

Whether you are a tourist or a new immigrant, one of the first on your list when visiting or living in a place is its cuisine. When it comes to Calgary foods, the selection is as vast and colorful as the city’s population.

Calgary loves its food and restaurants are all over the place. Wine and other booze are also a pride in this bustling city. If you are looking to find out about the food scene in this Canadian area, below is a list of what to expect when you are in search of a gastronomical experience.

  • BACON. The people in Calgary love their bacon. It is safe to say that because of this, bacon manufacturers may have found a way to make this guilty pleasure taste better. If you are ever in the city, you would wind that many food recipes which include bacon as an ingredient – burgers, sandwiches, pasta, and yes even doughnuts. You name it, they have bacon in it. Now they even have guanciale, an Italian version of their favorite pork cut.
  • EAST MEETS WEST. As what was said earlier, Calgary foods are a reflection of its people. With the many Asian migrants living in the city, it is only natural to fuse the culinary techniques from both sides of the world. How does Canadian chicken with a Korean twist sound or a celery kim-chee? Are you ready to try a Canadian sushi? These are some of the culinary fusions you should expect from the city.
  • AUTHENTIC WORLD RECIPES. If you aren’t into fusions, the city is also buzzing with many authentic food from other parts of the world. Go Korean with kimchi or Greek with salad. You can also find Moroccan, German, Mexican and Vietnamese recipes in Calgary.
  • THE TENTACLED WONDER. Pork used to be the favorite of chefs in this area. Well, bacon still is the favorite of the people. However, there is a new trend that crept up the top spot as a favorite ingredient and this is the octopus. Just like the squid, if not cooked properly, octopus could end up in a disaster.

Thankfully, this isn’t the case in Calgary so when you decide to pack your bags for the city, try any recipe with octopus.

  • BRIOCHE. France has a big influence in Canada that is why Calgary foods are also a reflection of the French cuisine. Pastries are no exception. Brioche, in this part of the world, is definitely a must try. It is suggested that you try a brioche sandwich with a sliced octopus and celery kim-chee.
  • BOOZE. In true French fashion, Calgary has also become known for their love of wine. There may be an absence of vineyards in Calgary. However, the city is teeming with stores that sell fine wine and beers for those who want to pair their yummy food with some booze.

When in Calgary, you can be sure not to go hungry. There are many restaurants, big or small, fine-dining or fastfood strewn all over the city. Whether you are an adventurer, who likes to try new cuisines, or more of the stick-to-traditional cuisine person, you can never go wrong with Calgary foods. There’s no need to worry, when a tourist of the city, you will never go hungry.